TuffHead™ Broadheads

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Whether you are hunting the largest game found on the plains of Africa to the more commonly pursued whitetail deer, moose, elk, antelope, bear, bison, or hogs in the forests and mountains of North America, the TuffHead™ will be the only broadhead you will ever need. It is simply the best broadhead for any kind of game! Study the details and you will be convinced!

Details of the TuffHead™  "We challenge you to Compare!!"

• Made in the U.S.A of laminated high carbon knife grade stainless steel hardened to 52R, cryogenically treated and tempered to retain is sharp edge.

• 3 to 1 length to width ratio for great arrow flight.

• Non curling cut on contact double bevel 30 degree Tanto tip

• Factory sharp 25 degree single bevel cutting edge with rotating action that enhances cutting action for superior blood trails.

• The ferrule, which is  23/64” ID, accepts 5/16 to 3/8” OD Glue-in-Arrows and screw on adapters with 5 degree taper

• When using screw on adapters the adapter and arrows 23/64” and smaller will fit down inside the broadhead below its’ trailing edge. The wall of the ferrule creates a sleeve around the arrow tip strengthening a potential weak point.

• Large ferrule to arrow dia. ratio reduces arrow drag and increases penetration

• Full length ferrule adds strength and creates a wedge for bone splitting action.
• The slick ceramic coating enhances penetration and reduces broadhead glare.

• Offered in weights that facilitate extreme weight forward setup.

• Lifetime replacement warranty against breakage ,bending and curling


The TuffHead ™ is purposely over built to handle those unexpected conditions when metal hits bone.


You can hunt with confidence, knowing that The TuffHead™ will fly true, and perform flawlessly. We guarantee it! We are proud of the TuffHead™ and we are proud to say it is manufactured in the USA... the home of some of the best craftsmen in the world.

We offer an unconditional life time replacement warranty against defects such as: breakage, tip curling or bending.

Sorry we can’t help on missed shots!

Read more about our "TuffHead Production and Design Tech" and "the TuffHead Specs" or read some of Dr. Ed Ashby's lethality studies that led to our broadhead development. This information that will help you become a more successful bowhunter!

   Made in the USA