TuffHead™ Specs

Whether you are hunting the largest game found on the plains of Africa or hunting whitetail deer, moose, elk, antelope, bear, bison, or hogs in the forest, and mountains of North America the TuffHead™ will be the only broadhead you will ever need.


You can hunt with confidence, knowing that The TuffHead™ will fly true, and perform flawlessly.

The TuffHead™ can be glued directly on the arrow or screwed in with an adapter. Made of 420HC stainless steel, this tough 3 to 1 ratio laminated head is designed with a cut-on-contact 30 degree tanto tip, and is ground with a single-bevel, 25 degree, factory sharp cutting edge. 

Dimensions:TuffHead tip with dimensions
The TuffHead™ is 3 3/16 inches long by 1 1/16 inches wide at the widest point for a 3:1 ratio. This ratio has been proven over a long time as the ultimate design for flight, penetration and high mechanical advantage. The high MA of 3.0 intensifies, or adds to the ability of the broadhead to penetrate its target.


Tuffhead™ Weight:
The TuffHead™ is the “Heavy Weight of Broadheads™“ and is offered in two distinct weights. At .060 thousandths thick the TuffHead ™ weighs in at 225 grains. At .080 thousandths thick it is 300 grains. Both broadheads have the same basic dimension that is 3 3/16 long x 1 1/16 wide.250 & 300 Grain Tuffhead

The TuffHead™ is the only broadhead on the market that is designed to give wood arrow shooters an opportunity to increase their arrow weight into the desired weight thresholds (over 650 grains) for increased penetration of both soft and hard tissue. Using the TuffHead™ archers can create ( FOC ) weight forward of center hunting arrows also increasing penetration. For a discussion on the benefits of increased arrow weight visit our education/formulas_momentum.html  page.

The TuffHead also lends itself and has found a niche with modern arrow enthusiast. When using the TuffHead™ in conjunction with a 75 grain, 100 grain, and a 125 grain steel broadhead adapter, for arrows that except only screw-on style points, the archer can obtain weights of 300 to 425 grains with many variations in between. With this flexibility the hunter can experiment and obtain arrows weights that meet FOC, EFOC and Ultra EFOC standards. See education/Formulas_FOC.html for a discussion on this subject

TuffHead™ broadheads are constructed of two die formed laminations made from high carbon, surgical knife grade stainless steel. The laminations are resistance welded and then brazed using a special brazing process under closely controlled conditions. The laminating process and brazing enables us make a uniquely formed broadhead of superior strength.

Ferrule Details:
The ferrule formed into the head has an inside diameter of 23/64ths with a 5 degree taper. The diameter of the TuffHead™ ferrule is slightly larger than most on the market today. This larger ferrule allows an arrow shaft as large as 3/8th inch in diameter to be used with minimal shaft drag when passing through game.

The TuffHead™ ferrule runs nearly the full length of the blade with a smooth transition near the tip. The added length of the the tapered ferrule concentrates and directs the force of the arrow to the cut on contact tanto tip where it belongs.


There are no places on the ferrule or blade to catch on tissue or bone. The design of the ferrule creates a wedge effect opening up bone or tough tissue for good penetration, while providing exceptional strength and rigidity to the broadhead.

Tanto Tip Details: Tuffhead
Unlike others broadheads whose tip design is an afterthought and reshaped from a needle point tip, the 30 degree angle of the tanto tip of the TuffHead™ is designed into the broadhead. The TuffHead™ tanto  is ground on all sides to form a double bevel, cut-on-contact tip. Our tip is designed to improve cut, add strength and eliminate tip curl.

Cutting Edge:
The TuffHead™ is precision ground with a 25 degrees single bevel on alternating sides. It is offered in a left or right hand grind. Left hand grind broadheads should be used on arrows with left wing feathers, and right hand ground tips should be used on arrows with right wing feathers to insure proper rotation of the broadhead.

Under tight quality control standards the TuffHead™ is hardened to a Rockwell 52 and then cryogenically tempered for extreme toughness. The TuffHead™ corrosion resistant surgical grade stainless steel and the hardening and tempering process ensure that the cutting edges will retain their initial sharpness, and yet can be maintained in the field with leather strop or pocket stone.

Summary of Specs and Fetaures:
Three to One (3 to 1) length to width ratio.
Mechanical advantage of 3.0+
420 HC knife grade stainless steel to resist corrosion and rust.
Double laminated. resistance welded, and brazed in a controlled atmosphere.
Offered in different 225 and 300 grain weights conducive to weight forward arrows.
30 degree, cut on contact tanto tip.
Single bevel 25 degree cutting edge.
Right hand or left hand bevels.
23/64th inside diameter, 5 degree tapered ferrule to fit arrows from 5/16th to 3/8th inch diameter without
        arrow body overlap.
Ferrule length extending to tip for added strength and concentration of arrow force at the tip.
Factory sharp cutting edge.
52 Rockwell hardness enables field sharpening.

Cryogenically treated for edge retention.
Ceramic coating for slickness and enhanced penetration.
Lifetime guarantee.

TuffHead™ Broadheads may look similar to other broadheads, but there is a difference...
and the difference is in the details!



   Made in the USA