Tuffhead™ Tech -  The details behind the broadhead

TuffHead Trophies

The TuffHead™  broadhead is very versatile and can be glued directly on the arrow or screwed on with an adapter. Made of 420HC high carbon stainless steel, this tough 3 to 1 ratio laminated head is design with a cut-on-contact 30 double bevel degree tanto tip, and is ground with a single-bevel 25 degree factory sharp cutting edge.

Dr. Ed Ashby’s conclusions, based on his extensive broadhead experimentation, were the basis for the Tuffhead™ design. Dr Ashby is recognized worldwide as a leading expert on broadhead design and performance. Comparing broadheads from multiple manufactures, which included different blade configurations, weights and cutting edge design, Dr Ashby was able to determine which features would make the best penetrating, bone crushing broadhead. Incorporating Dr. Ed Ashby’s findings, and our own innovations, has resulted in the ultimate broadhead design. Built like a Sherman tank the Tuffhead™ is made tough and strong to plow through bone and tissue. The TuffHead™ with a three to one length to width ratio ( 3 3/16 x 1 1/16) flies faultlessly and is well suited for all weight forward of center (FOC) arrows. The single bevel cutting edge, by design rotates in flesh and bone, exaggerating the wound channel, providing good blood trails. Whichever bow you chose, traditional, primitive or compound bow you can be confident in its’ killing power using the Tuffhead™ broadhead.250 & 300 Grain Tuffhead


The TuffHead™ which is offered in both 225 and 300 grain weights, is the only broadhead on the market that is designed to give wood arrow shooters an opportunity to increase their arrow weight into the desired weight thresholds (over 650 grains) for increased penetration of both soft and hard tissue. Using the TuffHead™ archers can create ( FOC ) weight forward of center hunting arrows also increasing penetration. For a discussion on the benefits of increased arrow weight visit  our Broadhead Momentum Education page.

Tuffhead™ broadheads are constructed of double laminated high carbon knife grade stainless steel.


Each lamination is formed in a progressive die on our own 30 ton press. Using the die and stamping process to form the broadhead allows us the versatility to make the TuffHead™ with its’ uniquely designed ferrule.


These laminations are then assembled in a jig to insure an exact match up of the ferrule and joined by spot welding.

After welding the broadheads are sent to a company specializing in brazing and metal treatment for the aerospace industry. The brazing and hardening process is performed in special ovens under closely controlled atmospheric conditions. At the completion of the brazing and hardening process they are cryogenically treated and tempered to give the broadhead its’ toughness and ability to retain a sharp edge. Back in our shop the broadheads are abrasive blasted and coated with a ceramic finish to enhance their penetration capabilities.

Finally the two 25 degree single bevels and the tanto tip are precisely ground and finished to an extremely sharp factory edge.

Completion of the cycle includes the final inspection and packaging of the Tuffhead™ to insure that the integrity of each edge is preserved and ready for use when you receive them.

Quality Control
In these days of expensive hunts, equipment, and the limited amount of time most of us can dedicate to our passion of bow hunting, it is important that we use the best equipment we can find.

As a traditional bow hunter for over 30 years, I know there is nothing worse than a hunt spoiled because of equipment failure. This is why at the Vintage Archery Co, as manufacturer, we strive to make the best broadhead that can be produced! We take pride in our craftsmanship and consider each TuffHead™ an extension of our workmanship.

Pride in craftsmanship translates into quality. During the construction process the TuffHead™ broadhead is continually monitored for quality. Each individual broadhead is handled at least 30 times during manufacturing and is visually inspected multiple times at each stage of this process. After the brazing/hardening process samples from each batch are tested, by us, to verify the vendor’s results. These samples are tested for Rockwell hardness to insure they meet our exacting specifications. In conjunction with the hardness test, the brazing and tempering are evaluated through a specifically designed "destruction" test to ensure each broadhead meets our, and our customers, demanding requirements. A final and exhaustive inspection of each broadhead is made before packaging.

It is the goal of all associated with the TuffHead™ broadhead to provide our customers with a flawless product. We believe in the “word of mouth principal.” Positive comments from customers sell broadheads better than expensive advertising.


We are proud of the TuffHead™ and back up our confidence on our product by offering a life time replacement warranty against defects such as breakage, tip curling or bending.



TuffHead™ Broadheads may look similar to other broadheads, but there is a difference...
and the difference is in the details!

   Made in the USA