Dr Ed Ashby - 2013 Pope & Young Convention - Dallas TX

Dr Ed's presentation discusses EFOC, what it does and how it is measured, along with  some demonstrations on the effects of rear lever arms, shaft vibrations and their effect on penetration, and a number of technical discussions on how EFOC effects penetrations in this series of slides and videos.


But first is Dr Ed's presentation on BUILDING AND TUNING THE EFOC ARROW that you will want to study if you are working up an EFOC or UEFOC arrow. We placed it at the top as you probably will want to return and study it for details a few times. However, in this first arrow building video, he does reference some terms that he explains in more detail in the other videos on this page.


Video 1 Building and Tuning the EFOC Arrow




2013 P&Y Series 1 thru 7 What EFOC does, how it is measured,

and its efffect on penetration and more...


Video 2


Video 3


Video 4


Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

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