Big Game Anatomy

Factors leading to bowhunting success include proper equipment, practiced physical skills, and a sound knowledge of the game being pursued. The knowledge required to successfully take large game with a bow and arrow includes the animals habits and habitat, a thorough knowlActual TuffHeadTM penetration edge of the capabilities of the equipment being used in the hunt, and a clear understanding of the anatomy and location of vital organs for shot placement. This understanding is required no matter if the target is large game such as an African water buffalo or elephant, or a North American elk or bear or smaller game such as hogs, deer or turkeys.


We've gathered information on some anatomy details that relate to archery include musculature, skeletal structure, and the location of vital organs for selected big game. Additionally we have added links to other reference sites that expand on the topic in an effort to help archers make good ethical shots.

Actual TuffHeadTM penetration thru the shoulder
blade into the spine of a black bear.
50 lb. longbow at 17 yards & total arrow weight of 750 gr. 

North American Game  


bison caribouwhitetail deerantelopeblack bear

elkjavalinamooseturkeyWild Boar

Click on any animal for more information and resources on targeting and the vital areas that an
archer should be concerned with.



African Game

Blesbok            Buffalo                    Crocodile                Eland                    Elephant

Gemsbok                Giraffe            Hippo                    Impala          Klipspringer

Kudu                        Leopard                        Lion                Reedbuck            Sable

Springbok            Tsessebe                Warthog                Waterbuck        Wildebeest

Zebra                        Bushpig








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