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Why you should know about Dr. Ed Ashby.


Dr. Ed Ashby, is an avid hunter and writer. In 1985, Dr. Ashby traveled to Africa and performed extensive testing on almost three dozen different broadhead designs. Testing included fixed blade steel, replaceable multi-blade heads, and also a few semi-custom heads. Dr. Ed Ashby's has since then completed 30 years study of arrow performance and broadhead lethality. In his studies he has strived to apply scientific principles to questions that have confounded bow hunters for decades, and for that we should all be grateful.


Dr. Ed Ashby, has hunted with both gun and bow. He began bow hunting big game in 1958 and has had the opportunity to meet and hunt with many of the great bow hunters of the past... Howard Hill, Ben Pearson, and Fred Bear.  He has hunted extensively in North America and Africa and has shot several hundreds of animals with bow and arrow. These animals covered a wide spectrum from small game to white rhinos. His favorite longbow, a 94# bamboo bow he built in 1980, has accounted for over 300 big-game animals.

Dr. Ashby has a wealth of bowhunting experiences to draw from. This is supplemented by an enormous data base he has collected over the years, on the effectiveness of various bow hunting equipment.

In 1985, Dr. Ashby conducted, in Natal Provence, South Africa, what is still the most extensive formal evaluation of broadhead performance on game animals. His research data is used by several of the U.S. States and foreign countries in hunter education programs. He is the author of numerous technical hunting-related articles that have been published in the U.S. and internationally.

In 1994, Dr. Ashby retired from the U.S. Public Health Service and moved to Africa to enjoy the continent's spectacular hunting and to help expand the bowhunting opportunities in that region. After years in Africa, Dr. Ashby, for the present, resides in the USA where he continues his research and writing.


Dr Ashby is recognized worldwide as a leading expert on broadhead design and performance. By incorporating Ed Ashby’s findings, and our own innovations, Tuffhead™ has resulted as the ultimate broadhead design. Built like a Sherman tank the Tuffhead™ is made tough and strong to plow through bone and tissue. The TuffHead™ flies faultlessly and is well suited for a weight forward of center (FOC) and Ultimate Extreme Weight Forward of Center arrows (Ultimate EFOC). The single bevel cutting edge design exaggerates the wound channel,  providing good blood trails. Whichever bow you chose, traditional, primitive or compound bow you can be confident in its’ killing power using the Tuffhead™ broadhead.


Dr. Ashby's studies have had positive effects on the archery world resulting in several new broadheads to be introduced into the market incorporating his findings, and existing broadheads being altered to reflect his research results. Dr. Ashby has graciously allowed us to publish his studies. for educational purposes, on this website, and we really appreciate it!


We encourage you to read the Ashby reports below to better understand what happens when your arrow meets your target. Take them in order. They are easy to read. and you'll be a more informed hunter from the experience.


Dr Ashby's Text in chronological order in a .PDF  printable format

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