Troy Breeding Bio

Troy has done a lot of work with EFOC and UEFOC arrows and is a great fererence on the subject.
A bit of his background...

Born in 1956 was raised and lived in Alabama never leaving for more than a few months to work
Started bowhunting at age 15 with a Ben Pearson recurve
Killed my first deer at age 16
Started building takedown recurves for personal use in 1978
Opened a small traditional arrow shop in 1986 under the name of Sticks and Feathers Arrowsmithing
Purchased machinery to start producing hickory and poplar shafting for the business in 1999
Moved to Missouri in 2006 and opened a full line archery shop, but never lost the need to hunt with anything other than traditional gear
Sold the full line archery shop in 2010, moved to Ohio and retired
In 2010 started working in conjunction with Ed Ashby on the proper tuning of EFOC and UEFOC arrows
In Jan. of 2012 worked up the first known arrow in the US to exceed the 40% UEFOC range
Gave my first presentation on tuning the EFOC and UEFOC arrow in conjunction with Dr. Ed Ashby at the 2012 Kalamazoo, MI Trad Expo
Currently working to improve the flight of arrows in all areas of extreme and ultra extreme FOC

Troy has contributed the paper on Tuning that we reference in the links to the left.


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