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At Vintage Archery, we enjoy traditional archery and believe that Dr. Ashby's studies of penetration and performance point out some truths in the efficient use of an arrow's energy. However, we are also traditional archers, and with tradition comes many items, products , accessories, and yes, broadheads, that have been around for many years and have combined to successfully dispatched many game animals.

We take great pains to not disrespect other traditions or other products and enjoy a good debate on blogs and discussion forms on one's favorite trad item or broadhead design. We'll periodically add links here to discussions we come across that take up topics of interest. Many probably will mention the Tuffhead, but we'll try to stay somewhat balanced and include topics that debate alternatives, or note other trad archer's favorites and opinions also.

Here's a few to start...

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Icon 1 posted April 19, 2013 02:51 PM Posted April 19, 2013 on
I recently bought some 300 gr Tuffheads and corresponding field points,built some arrows and have been tuning them.

Like others have said,the quality is excellent.They came as close to hunting sharp as any I've handled.The grinds are flat and true,points seem centered and ferrules true.They were easy to mount and align.I should add,I got my order in two days.

After I thought I had field points tuned,I mounted one broadhead and shot it off and on for a week,in and out of wind and it looked good so I honed them up.

I have a knife made from 420 HC stainless and it's a great steel.It sharpens and holds an edge like a good,carbon steel.These are at least as good.I used a KME broadhead sharpener and wet or dry sandpaper and grits from 400 to 2000 and then stropped on cardboard.It took a few minutes per head to get them straight razor sharp.Sharpening these is a joy.I'm hoping to get a chance to put them to the real test.For now,they are very high quality,fly well and sharpen easily.

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