The TuffHead™  is making its mark on trophy game animals all over the world. Our friends have been gratious in sending these pictures and stories of their adventures and successes for us to show you.

If you have enjoyed a hunt or trip somewhere, send us your pictures and stories of your hunts with TuffHead™ broadheads... We'll post them on these pages... Meanwhile, Check out their stories...

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Around the World Tuffhead Stories and pictures

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TuffHeads work well on game of all shapes as sizes. Joe Blake of Prairie Longbows and Mike Davenport sent us these fine turkey trophy pictures ...

Joe Blake -
Good Morning Joe, Here are the results of my hunt yesterday morning here in MN: 22#, 10 1/4" beard, 1" spurs. Arrowed the Tom with a 57# Prairie Panther longbow and 850 grain tapered hickory shafts tipped with your 300 grain Tuffheads...the bird never knew what hit him as he simply walked slowly away for about 25 yards, laid down, and died quietly in plain sight. My kind of tracking job!
Thanks for everything...I leave for a Manitoba bear hunt in a couple weeks so hopefully I'll have some more pics to send you then.
Take care,
Joe Blake

( Joe builds bow and his website is www.prairielongbows.com. Take time to check it over. He makes a very nice bow )



Hello Joe Furlong! Killed my second bird of the year with a Meathead and 100 grain insert mounted on a 340 carbon. 600 grains total arrow weight. Hit this Eastern right at wing base, down in site. Next up for me will be elk, mulies and antelope. Looking forward to putting a Tuffhead through the ribs of an elk this fall to fill the freezer. Thanks again for designing such a killer broadhead!


Mike Davenport 



"Thanks to all of our contributors for the stories and pictures. We enjoy reading the details and seeing the pictures as we are sure our web visitors do also. I am glad the TuffHead worked well for you all" ... Joe Furlong

Traditional Archer Series

While not directly a TuffHead trophy, but if you have a trophy of your own... check out In-Glaze Imagery for a new way to preserve the image of your trophy. Have a image made on your coffee cup and start out the day with good thoughts and memories! We like them.




If you enjoy trophy racks, check out this site. They are not related to our products but an interesting site none the less...


Try a Tuffhead™ on your next adventure and send us the pictures and stories.

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