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Ray Colvin 2016Ray Colvin - Africa, 2016 -  Ray used a 300gr TuffHead on his trip to Africa and collected some great animals. His films of his African hunts as well as many other hunts can be seen on his Racks and Tracks TV web site Here - http://www.racksandtracks.net/episode2016-4th-7.html


Ray demonstrates that the TuffHead works great with compound bows as well as Trad equipment.





Rodger Hemminghaus - Aussie Water Buffalo
Arrows selected were Goldtip Kinetic 200 spine, with a 7 inch aluminum footing (Easton 2013 shafts fit perfectly) to stiffen them up and give a little more reinforcement up front. The stiffness was to support the EFOC, I was shooting 225gr tuffheads with a 200 gr glue-on steel insert, and Dad was shooting the same inserts with 160 gr grizzly's (not our first choice, but we had some last minute issues with some custom screw-in inserts)

Read the story of the hunt here on BowSite.com

New Zealand Tahr Clint MillerClint Miller - Spring 2014 - New Zealand Tahr

...on the 4th consecutive backpacking trip in as many years to New Zealand's wild westland region, I finally took the trophy of a lifetime, a bull tahr. This bull is the result of over 40 days spent backpacking into some of the most spectacular and rugged terrain in the world. I used a 225gr tuffhead on a 75gr adapter, a dependable broadhead for a trophy opportunity that may only come once in a lifetime. Thanks Tuffhead. Clinton Miller

Read Clint's engaging story with lots of great pictures posted here at TradGang.com

Marty Thomas - Africa 2014

Also a very well done video from Marty from his Africa trip this year. Too big to load from here but take the time and you will enjoy it.

click on this link....



Al Kinder - Namimba, Africa - 2013  
Al Kinder 2013

Well mate I thought I'd share with you some pics of my recent hunt in Namimba, Africa. I used your "Meat Head" BHs and they worked flawlessly and I am sold on your heads mate!

I shot my two warthogs clean through both shoulders with my recurve and I also shot my Steenbok in the sweet spot as well... Although I think 740 grain arrows might be a tad over kill for Steenbok I'd say! To top it off I spot and stalked the little fella with a tracker and took him from 38 paces whilst he was bedded... The stalk, shot and animal of a life time, of which ill never forget.

Here are my two Warthogs and my Steenbok, of which all three were outstanding hunts and something I'll never forget...peroid! I love your heads and plan to use them on just about all our game here in Oz.
 Cheers mate and chat soon, Al.
Marty Thomas Mozambique elephant 2013Marty Thomas - Mozambique - 2013
A big first for Marty and for the Tuffhead. Marty sends us some great pictures and some even more exciting videos about his recent adventure in Mozambique... Read More...
Paul Liberato - Mozambique - 2012

The good news is…I got a cape buffalo with a 1050 grain Tuffhead tipped arrow.


The bad news is ... Read More

Summer 2012 Africa- On a recent trip  to Africa  this Kudu was shot at 20 yards with a tuffhead.  The tuffhead penetrated the spinal column so far that you couldn't see the blade.   JeanPaul Delorme Manitoba Canada

I shot the wildebeest with the tuffhead. 55/75 goldtip arrow and 225 tuffhead with 100 grain adapter, 55lbs schafer silvertip. The wildebeest was broadside and as the arrow was slipping off my fingers he quartered. I had to correct quickly and shot low. The animal was in a slight depression, so the arrow struck the guts far back but travelled over three feet of stomach and penetrated the heart and i had about 14 to 18 inches of arrow sticking out the brisket. I ended up giving three broadheads to Louis, he wants to use them for cape buffalo. He was very impressed with the pnenetration. I was very impresssed with the tuffheads and will order some more.

Patrick Kelly june 2012 asiatic buffJune 25, 2012 Patrick Kelly Buffalo Hunt: " Both the 225 grain
and the 300 grain are great heads. I shot a dingo with one of the 300 grain heads, then shot the same head throught the skinny part of a buff scapula, which it blew through. It penetrated with the tip around 1/2 to 3/4 through the thickest part of the scapula, then pounded it out with the back of an axe, resharpened it and shot the hog that is in my post with it. I shot the buff with a 225 grain. The broadheads themselves  worked great. My follow up shots at the buff hit heavy neck and shoulder bones at an angle and embedded deeply. I could barely pull them p kelly june 2012 hog out with a pair of pliers. One of them bent while I was pulling it out, but I am sure that is from the torque of pulling it out, and not from the shot. The only problem that I had was that the 125 grains steel  broadhead inserts broke along the ferrule just above the threads on the follow up shots. The killing shot and scapula shots were fine. The broadheads worked great, and even with the inserts snapping penetrated deeply. As far as which I prefer, I think the 300 may have a slight edge, but I have more arrows that tune properly with the 225 grains, so that would be my preference. I will thank you in advance for a great product. I will also attach the picture of the hog and dingo in case you want them. I AM thinking about what to do next, lol.
Sincerely, Patrick


Pat details his hunt day by day on Tradgang.com A great story...Check it out.

Dr Craig Moy Asiatic Buffalo june 2012June 17 2012 Dr Craig Moy
Hi Joe--thought if you want you could use another endorsement on the website or anyway you want, if you so desire...
In this pic you can see the bloodied TuffHead on the single arrow leaning against the bull's side.


I wouldn't hesitate to hunt anything on the planet with these bad boys--even Megatron! Read More...


muniz Cape Buff June 2012June 2012 - Charles Moniz - Africa
A Cape Buffalo, an Impala, a big tusked Wart Hog, and a Bush Pig and the Tuffhead keeps on going. Charles hunted with Bossie Mostert and Limpopo Big Game Safaris in South Africa.

He writes...

"Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2012 8:41 PM
Subject: africa 2012
I hope you enjoy these picture. Thank you for the broadheads. I am
sold on Tuffheads. The animals did not stand a chance with my mini
spears. They flew straight and hit hard. Absolutely an incredible broadhead.
Charles Moniz

Charles gives us details on his trophies,equipment and a great story on all of the critters. Check this out!




John Harvard Wildebeeste 2012May 1, 2012 John Havard sends this great story on his success in Africa and another PH impressed with the Tuffhead. Congratulations John, on a most successful hunt.

Read what John has to say in his note to us...

John also is very involved with DRYAD Bows, Inc. Check out their brand new Legend - ACS RC and Orion ACS RC static recurve limb bows on the web at www.dryadbows.com.

John also put a extended story about his hunt, the lodge, some great photos, his hunt success and a very complimentary posting about the TuffHead on Tradgang.

Thanks again, John!
March 9, 2012 - We recieved this "absolute Tuffhead convert" bush pig story from
Dennis Kamstra, Professional Hunter in Polokwane, South Africa  read his comments





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